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Important information for you as a landlord

What to consider when renting out your property.


Who can see my listing in the property database? 

Only the team working with property rentals at Alfa have access to the database.

What is the most common rental period? 

We see the highest demand for rental durations of at least one year, preferably longer. This applies to both houses and apartments.

What rent can we charge? 

We cannot provide advice on what rent to charge; that’s something you need to decide for yourself. However, we can discuss the rent when we have a customer interested in your property, who may have a specific budget. You can obtain some guidance by looking at housing ads on platforms like Blocket.
More information on what is considered reasonable rent is available under the Lease Act /Fair Rent tab. 


Typically, apartments require a deposit equal to 1 month rent, while houses may require a deposit ranging from 1 to 3 months' rent.

Should we rent out furnished or unfurnished? 

We have customers who prefer furnished, unfurnished, or partially furnished accommodations. To have some flexibility can be helpful.

Can I rent to a company?  

Your tenant doesn't necessarily have to be a private individual; you can also rent out  to a corporate organization.  In general, the same rules apply regardless of who the tenant is. However, keep in mind that not all landlords and housing cooperatives permit renting to companies. 
It's not uncommon for companies to rent a house or an apartment as accommodation for a specific employee. However, the trend today is that fewer companies are entering into rental  agreements for their employees. 

Do I have to pay taxes on my rental income when I sublet? 

Yes, provided that your rental income for the year exceeds SEK 40,000 (equivalent to the standard deduction allowed for subletting). The Swedish Tax Agency has tools to help you calculate your taxes: 

Rent out a private property - condominium, house, and rental property | Swedish Tax Agency

Who takes care of the garden when I rent out my house?   

You don’t want to come back to discover that the garden has deteriorated completely during the rental period. To avoid this, it's recommended that you clarify responsibilities in the rental agreement. The tenant is usually considered responsible for routine garden maintenance such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and weeding flower beds. The tenant is also obligated to keep pathways clear of snow and ice. Trimming hedges, on the other hand,  is not the tenant's duty; this is the responsibility of the landlord. The same applies to more extensive gardening tasks, such as pruning or felling trees. 

What does Alfa assist with? 
  • Lease Agreement: We draft the lease agreement in compliance with Swedish tenancy laws. 
  • Move-In Inspection: On the move-in day, we conduct a comprehensive walk-through, supported by pictures, to document the condition of the property. You and the tenant will both receive a copy of the inspection report. 
  • Support with obtaining a home insurance: We assist our customers with setting up a home insurance, which should include liability coverage – an essential safeguard should the tenant cause any damage to the property.
  • We only conduct a move-out inspection if this is requested by the customer’s employer.
What do I need to consider when renting out my residence? 
  • Approval: To be able to rent out your residence, you need an approval from your own landlord or housing cooperative. If you own a house, be prepared to show ownership documents. 
  • Notice Period: If you are letting out a rental apartment – “hyresrätt” – for a fixed term, as a landlord you are bound to the duration of the contract. The tenant, however, can terminate the agreement at any time during the rental period with 3 calendar months' notice. In a condominium, the tenant’s notice period is reduced to 1 calendar month, whereas you, as the landlord, have a notice period of 3 calendar months at any time during the rental period.
  • The term "calendar month" indicates that the notice period is counted in full months. If you serve your notice of termination during a specific month, the notice period will commence on the 1st of the following month. You cannot serve the tenant a notice of termination for the middle of a month. 
  • Insurance: As the owner of a house or condominium, you must have the property insured, regardless of whether you live there or not. Even if you sublet your rental apartment or house, you should maintain your home insurance during the rental period. However, the insurance will only cover yourself and your belongings, so the tenant must also have their own home insurance. 
  • Cleaning: The property must be thoroughly cleaned before handover. This applies both from the landlord’s side, before move-in, and from the tenant’s side, upon move-out.  
  • Inventory List/Care Instructions: As a landlord, it is your responsibility to generate an inventory list, if applicable, along with care instructions for the residence and the garden.
How does Alfa organise viewings? 

We assist with both regular viewings We assist with both regular viewings and virtual viewings. If our customers have the option to visit Sweden before moving, we can arrange for viewings where we accompany the customer during working hours. If the customer cannot visit before moving, we provide pictures or videos, or we arrange for a virtual viewing whenever possible. 

What is considered normal wear and tear? 

Normal wear and tear can include, for example, grease stains, marks on the walls from hanging pictures, scratches on furniture, or colour changes on a kitchen countertop. For more information, refer to our move-out checklist.  

Link to move-out checklist

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