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Rent out your accommodation with us

If you are the owner of a house or an apartment, and are looking for reliable tenants for your residence, you can register it with us, at no cost.
At Alfa Mobility, we focus on aligning residences with the needs of our corporate clients. While we cannot assure that your property will be rented by any of our customers, we will make every effort in finding a suitable tenant for you. Your property will not be publicly available, and the information you share with us will be used solely internally.

Please note that you cannot make any changes to the information once it has been submitted.

Important information for landlords
Information for you as a landlord
Information on tenancy laws 
Q & A when renting via Alfa

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Customer Reflections
Smooth move to Finland
For all steps of the process, Alfa exceeded my expectations. My consultants were extremely responsive and helpful, and they contributed to making my move so smooth. I am so grateful. /Rachel
Customer Reflections
Relocating to Denmark
My relocation to Denmark went perfect. The entire Alfa team has made almost the impossible to meet my needs and expectations. All of the personnel are nice and always helped me promptly and with a smile. /Martin
Customer Reflections
Excellent Service
I'm really impressed with the help I got from the team, helping me to get the documents for my residence permit to get all other documents done at the time we arrived in Finland. We couldn’t have done it without Alfa! /Sergio
Customer Reflections
Immigration Support
My Immigration Consultant went above and beyond with the application process, which led to an immediate approval of my permanent residency. I am so grateful. /Jennifer
Customer Reflections
Relocating to Sweden
Our Destination Consultant made an excellent work before our arrival in Sweden and after we were installed. She understood perfectly our needs for an accommodation and she found quickly the place where we are now. /Jérome
Customer Reflections
Moving to Finland
We received excellent service from Alfa for all aspects of our relocation. We are very grateful for their assistance with booking appointments in Finland. Huge thank you to Alfa for professional handling our case. /Emelie
I am very satisfied with my experience with Alfa. My contact person was incredibly supportive during my move. She carefully listened to my needs and organized the search accordingly in order to find the best suitable accommodation. Great experience overall. Thank you! /Tomas