Alfa Mobility

Vision, Mission and Values

Purpose moves people to remake the world. We want to be part of improving the lives of assignees and their families. We remain committed to enhancing service delivery through innovations in customer care, while leveraging our local expertise and superior supply management to develop globally impactful concepts.

To deliver sustainable global mobility for people and businesses

– Our vision

To give peace of mind to people on the move

– Our mission

To be transparent, add value and show care, to customers, people and the planet

– Our values

Strategic Objectives

Service delivery is the key

One of our strategic objectives is to continue to develop a culture that is sustainably value-adding, focused and customer-service-oriented. We will retain and develop the best people through talent management and training via our People & Culture strategy, and we will focus on achieving a high consistency of satisfaction while delivering a service in accordance with global standards and regulations.

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