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Safeguarding your personal data

We treasure your personal data (and guard it as such).
Alfa is a secure partner for any mobility user.

Alfa’s Integrated Technology

Our staff is trained in all aspects of privacy and security on an ongoing basis through our web-based system LMS TerraNova.

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AIT (Alfa Integrated Technology)

Alfa and ISMS (Information Security Management System)

“Alfa has had an ISMS (Information Security Management System) in place since 2011. Our ISMS is subject to independent third-party certification audits by the accredited certification body Intertek. Privacy and Data Protection aspects, including those based on legal and/or contractual requirements are addressed through the ISMS.

The company strategy is virtualization in an outsourced environment including SLAs on the recovery of services/servers ensuring an availability of 99%. Our business continuity plans are subject to regular, multiple exercises with an approved supplier who is IS0/IEC 27001 certified.

All staff undergo mandatory training through our web-based LMS TerraNova, containing a number of domains covering privacy and all aspects of security on an ongoing basis. Security is also a recurring theme at company meetings. Recently, we have welcomed a demo presentation by ethical hackers concerning the exploitation of vulnerabilities on mobile devices, as well as other scenarios relevant to our company’s BCP.”

Anders Carlstedt, Chief Security Officer at Alfa