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Strategic Transformation

Mobility programs are increasingly challenged by the ever-changing demands of corporate strategy while also needing to adapt to external trends to remain competitive. Methods to conquer these obstacles are often reactionary and vary widely in effort and impact. Our prescient staff provides strategic advice to support your transformations, aligned to your needs and expectations.

We provide strategic advice.

Based on our experience, every mobility program is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, any strategic transformation must first be customized to your needs.

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We customize to your needs.

Mobility Services

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Strategic Talent Mobility

Transformation of Mobility programs.

Alfa is extending its services to our clients, by offering strategic talent mobility advisory. This way  we can also support our clients in rapid times of change to update and transform their Mobility programs to meet the challenges they face. Advisory on Mobility strategy, policies, processes and operating models is now also available from Alfa. For this new service we managed to secure the services of Chris Debner, an award-winning Mobility thought leader, who supports Alfa as a freelancer. You might already know him from Alfa client events and publications.

Our services are based on below principles

  • We believe in carefully analyzing you and your stakeholders’ needs, expectations and challenges before suggesting a suitably effective and efficient approach towards transformative steps
  • We can support you in scale – from minor invasive steps like a policy review to major mobility transformations that define a new group strategy, affect policies, processes and the operating model
  • Our experienced staff is cognizant of the latest trends in the market and can help you be proactive in preparing for the resulting challenges for your mobility program
  • We have a thorough understanding of change management practices, as well as experience in developing successful strategic transformation-based business cases for obtaining management buy-in
  • Our focus will always be to minimize your stress during a transformation. We accomplish this by using proven and effective approaches and offering our support throughout the exercise, from analysis to implementation


Experience actually shows that involving external resources for change efforts in mobility, versus dealing with transformations exclusively in-house, has proven to be more effective, while simultaneously saving time and costs.


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Nivin & Anna

I would like to thank you for all the cooperation you have provided us since last month. We really appreciate your services and very pleased to have worked along with you. Thank you again for being so kind as you have helped ease the process of our relocation.

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Thanks so much for all the help through this process. Also wanted to say thanks again for the call this morning – really saved me a lot of time and it’s fantastic this went through so quickly.