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Alfa - The Scandinavian Mobility Services Company

Global Supply Management

Supplier integration is critical when building a superior employee experience. Alfa works with designated partners who are tried, true and tested – those who consistently satisfy their customers and who align with our End-2-End supply values.

Our entire selected partner network enables Alfa the ability to offer productivity of global mobility services effectually anywhere.

Global mobility is chasing more flexible supply chains, and we take our cues from the real-time data to stay one step ahead of the pack.

Alfa shares this industry know-how with partners and customers as we aspire to continuously look for ways to unlock value of supply. We believe it is through learning, reflection and new-found connections that our customers attain a sense of retained ownership with Alfa’s one-stop service solution.

How is Alfa a little different, a little more agile? Alfa’s key account management teams are connected to our procurement – and this flexible organization arrangement assures, from the pre-implementation stage, an ongoing adaptability to the demands of customers, partners and markets, as executed by our integrated PoM (Production and Operations Management).

Supplier integration is critical to success in today’s market.

Alfa delivers services in 145 countries annually. This intercontinental presence is a direct result of decades of building sustainable and transparent partnerships with customers, and selected partners. We travel the world to your locations to see, meet, train and control what we promise to deliver.

The gained knowledge is transferred to our Strategic Procurement Team and amalgamated into our PoM methods. Let us talk about how Alfa can foster supply-based interaction with people across your business.

*SLA = Service Level Agreement