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Arrival at a New Location

It is important to have as much as possible in place before the assignee even boards the plane.

The following services are all arranged in advance of arrival

The following services are all arranged in advance of arrival:

  • school enrollment
  • registration with the authorities
  • meetings with bank representatives.

We maintain close contact with assignees from the very start of the relocation process, beginning with an introductory phone call and continuing with calls or e-mails.

After arrival, assignees spend time one-on-one with our service-minded destination consultants, who offer wise suggestions and sound advice regarding anything that can help an assignee’s quality of life. From sport & social clubs, to government programs and cultural training, we are your source for answers.



We advise about acquiring a local driver’s license, choosing an insurance provider, using public transportation, maintaining good relationships with local landlords, and many other issues which can become complications when living abroad. Any other immediate needs that arise during the first weeks will be taken care of promptly to ensure a positive, organized assignment start.