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Work & Residence Permits

Work permits are needed if you want to work or study in your new host country, and Residence permits are needed for stays longer than a designated period. Alfa starts preparing assignees before the move takes place.

Work & Residence Permits

Alfa’s immigration team keep you abreast of the rules governing residence and/or work permits and about the necessary documentation to be handed in together with your application. We will also accompany assignees to public authorities, to alleviate the stress and uncertainty experienced by the newly arrived individual(s).


Residence Cards with Biometric Features

If you are granted a residence permit, it will be administered in the form of a residence card, complete with biometric features (facial image and fingerprints) and a digital signature stored on an embedded microchip. The residence card will thereafter be the proof that you hold a valid residence permit.

Giving biometric data when you submit your application in person

You must have your biometric features and your signature recorded when submitting your application. This applies whether you submit it in person at a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) or through an Alfa partner which receives applications on behalf of a diplomatic mission.

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