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Alfa - The Scandinavian Mobility Services Company

“Changing the tires of your Mobility program at 200 km/h?”

People Services is the name for Alfa’s business unit supporting corporate global mobility departments. We are a competent force with knowledge-based solutions and are a trusted sourcing partner for Scandinavian companies looking to cultivate positive employee experience.

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Open up for innovation and changes

“The biggest challenge our mobility customers meet today is increasing demands and dynamics at their business. Mobility departments do need to address these challenges. When we work alongside Executive HR and Mobility, we jointly define answers to these challenges, map out costs savings and enable HR to focus on their core services.”

Bille Larsen, Head of Strategy


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There is no substitute for experience.

There is no substitute for experience. Alfa has delivered mobility and assignment services since 1995. That gives us a rare perspective – and a sense of responsibility.

We have a strong assignment management focus. It is due to our obsession with details for people on the move. We believe that distinctive productivity enhance everyday life. Our focus on quality, care and sustainability adds value. It enriches experience. It makes a difference.

We think ahead. In our business we have to be visionary. We keep track of the pulse of cultural, consumer and market delights. We temper this data with our own experience.

We have the pleasure of working with Alfa since the roll out of a global contract for mobility, immigration, relocation and moving since 2010. Alfa has always been attentive to our needs as a customer, and has shown remarkable fast response time in all cases. They adapt very fast to any customer changes of organisational structure with the highest professional behaviour.

Head of Operations, at a Scandinavian Energy company listed at Nasdaq OMX 40, with worldwide locations
Strategic Partnership: The contract has been extended for the 3rd time in March 2017.