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Alfa - The Scandinavian Mobility Services Company

Mobility Services

Alfa’s mobility services can eliminate large-scale administrative burdens.

We give you flexibility with resource dispersement, allowing you to better serve your employees with the “human” aspects of HR.

Our goal is to support our customers in the preparation of assignments, during and beyond the repatriation.

Our global mobility services:

  • Salary calculations and preparation of cost estimates.
  • Preparation of assignment letters.
  • Coordination of signatures, and hosting documents at secure cloud environment.
  • Application and coordination of totalization agreements/certificates of coverage.
  • Coordination of immigration processes at both origin and destination.
  • Legal compliance monitoring in home and host country.
  • Global Moving Services program management.
  • Global Relocation Services program management.
  • Expense management services and reporting.


Flex force support services:

  • “Mobility strategy of the future” – workshops.
  • Development of mobility policies/guidelines.
  • Sourcing support or backup to your in-house mobility department.
  • Connecting supply management of appointed vendors.
  • Pre-hire information tools for hiring managers and business partners.
  • Process and operation documentation design.