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Immigration Management

Immigration procedures and work permit requirements are often complex, confusing and are subject to change. To be effective, Alfa stays alert, informed and proactive.

Envision the future of the flexible work force – Retain in-house expertise, amend by external specialist prowess where you find efficiency and effectiveness. Ask yourself what makes the most sense, when the resources are limited and the employee experience is top priority.

Immigration Management

Customers trust us to make the immigration process more understandable. We always provide the assignee and the accompanying family with a detailed overview of the entire immigration process, the expected timeline, and any potential issues. We assist in identifying and collecting the required documentation, completing the correct forms, as well as submitting the complete immigration application on behalf of the assignee. Once applications are submitted, we act as an ongoing liaison and we follow up with the governmental offices regarding pending cases.

Upon a successfully granted visa and immigration application, we also assist with compulsory in-country registrations. The assignee and the family are accompanied to the various governmental offices to ensure that all formalities are fulfilled.

Immigration Management

Alfa serves as your strategic management on international immigration matters. Through years of working in the global immigration market, Alfa has amassed an acclaimed assemblage of trusted partners around the world. These connections give us access to local knowledge pertaining to immigration, and enable a flow of data and real time compliance reporting. Our experience working with numerous corporate policies gives us great introspection on what works in the real world.

Let us help you make unified service level agreements, scope directions and payment terms to better serve your organization.

Immigration Management

“A major challenge in today’s immigration customers meet is the constantly changing and shifting environment of immigration regulations. In recent years, the impact of Europe’s refugee crisis of 2015 has resulted in the immigration authorities sharpening not only the current regulations, but also conducting supervisory controls on the previous work permit periods of up to seven years. Our teams are updating HR and Mobility clients on the latest regulations and news, and Alfa is adapting with the changes as we move along.”

Maya Hellberg
Team Lead Immigration



Immigration requirements vary extensively from one country to another and dealing with the details can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Nonetheless, the penalties for non-compliance with immigration laws can have serious consequences for you and your employees, both financially and otherwise. Play it safe with help from Alfa.