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Alfa - The Scandinavian Mobility Services Company

AIT Technology

We handle mobility service data within secure environments.

Governance and coordination are key elements in providing solutions that are both safe and swift, and are essential to maintain and improve user satisfaction.

Alfa Integrated Technology

Alfa Integrated Technology

It is a direct result of dedicated investments into technological advancements that Alfa is achieving a high level of performance in a data-secure environment, allowing customers and our employees to connect and integrate efficiently.

Together with Tieto Corp, Alfa creates 24/7 service-based technology consisting of easy, user-intuitive access, performance and transactions, wayfinding and assignment status, including reporting and document handling in a cloud environment exceeding new EU personal data regulations.

Communication & Control

Communication & Control

For us, it is important to engage in proactive communication methods and maintain consistent control of all proceedings when administering mobility services.

Every day, for each assignment.

Our secure channels of communication and expert-sourced knowledge pools are accessible for assignees as well.

We call it peace of mind for people on the move.